Tuesday, 13 May 2014


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1. Divergent Torrent:

In a future where society is divided into five groups, each of which represent a unique virtue. In this world teenagers get to decide wether to live in their own or switch to another group but this decision results into choosing their group for the rest of their lives.

2. That Awkward Moment Torrent:

Jason is a boy who has been recently dumped. Meanwhile, Mikey's wife is asking him for a divorce and the last of these three is Daniel who is still single. These three are determined to stay single for the rest of their lives and the hardest part is to have fun with it.

3. The Lego Movie Torrent:

The lego movie is the ultimate smash up of different characters like The Green Hornet, Superman, Batman, Gandalf and many other fictional characters. It is 3d animated film which has made the blockbuster hit for 2014.

4. Son Of God Torrent:

The life story of Jesus is told from the beginning to the end. It involves many other Bible's prophets, and it is very good religious movie which has made a name for itself. It is a very good movie for the people who read Bible.

5. Rio 2 Torrent:

Blu is living with Jewel and their three kids but then they are hurtled to the wild Amazon. Blu tries to fit in, as he goes face to face with the furious Nigel but the most scary of all is his father-in-law.

6. Captain America The Winter Soldier Torrent:

Steve Roger or Captain America who has woken after decades of resting and now after joining The Avengers he must now find The Winter Soldier who has killed Nick Fury. But in order to find The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers must face deathly difficulties.

7. Bad Neighbors Torrent:

Mac and Kelly a married couple have just moved in to a new neighbourhood with their newborn child. The neighbourhood is quite a nice place until the frat brothers move in. The frat brothers like to get drunk and party all night long, So the couple aren't going to like this.

8. Heaven Is For Real Torrent:

This movie is based on the most selling book in New York "Heaven Is For Real", Both the movie and the novel have the same name. The story is totally same but with some scenes missing and some new scenes added.

9. Pompeii Torrent:

Pompeii tells the story of Milo who is a slave turned into an invincible gladiator. Who finds himself in a race in time to save his beloved Cassia. Mount Vesuvius erupts, So now Milo must find his way to save himself and more importantly his beloved Cassia from the lava.

10. Transcendence Torrent:

Johnny Depp has taken the role of Dr.Will Caster who is a researcher in the field of Artifical Intelligence. He attempts to create a scientific machine that contains everything that has ever been known to man kind including the emotions of humans.

11. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Torrent:

Andrew Garfield is back with another Spider-Man, But this time as he is playing Peter Parker, Now he finds his greatest battle of all the time. This time Spider-Man must face his enemies including Electro and Harry Osborn or the Green Goblin at the same time.

12. The Other Woman Torrent:

Carly Whitten is girl who has just found out that her boyfriend is married and now she must try to get her boring life back on the track. But when she meets the woman who is the wife on who her boyfriend was cheating, She finds alot of things comman in her. Now the sworn-enemies become the greatest friends.